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● In 1955, a group of people joined together and started business under the name of "Red Furnace Commune"
● In 1967, the name was changed to “Changle Oriental Farm Tools”
● In 1974, the name was changed to "Changle Mining Machinery factory" and the business was change from manufacturing farm tools to manufacturing mining machinery, starting with the production of scraper conveyors.
● In 1976, the company started to produce round link chain.
●In 1987, it started to produce hydraulic props.
● In 1990, it started to produce belt conveyors.
●In 1991, it took the first step towards innovation with its "factory contract responsibility system" to encourage self starters. 
● In 1993, it doubled in both production output and sales volume.
●In 1994, a stock-holding system was adopted by the company and it changed its name to “Changle Leda Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.”
● In 1999, it changeed its name to “Shandong Changle Mining Machinery factory Co., Ltd.”
● In 2002, Weifang Keer Building Material Machinery Co., Ltdwas established.
● In 2004, Xinjiang Changmei Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd.was established.
● In 2004, Laiwu Coal Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd. was established.
● In 2004, it changed its name to “Shandong Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd.”
● In 2005, it started to produce hydraulic support.
● In 2006, Beijing Sankuangtong Co., Ltd.was established
● In 2006, a joint venture with Italian COSMEC named "Shandong Mine Machinery COSMEC Construction Materials Machinery Co., Ltd." was established.
● In 2008, the company was reformed with a shareholding system and change its name to “Shandong Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd”
● In 2010, a strategy of "quality-oriented, complete, automated, service-orientation" is proposed.
● Listed on the SZSE on Dec. 17th, 2010(Stock code:002526)
● In 2010, honoured as one of the most "High-tech Enterprises" of China. 
● In 2010, bought the shares that Italian COSMEC held in Joint Venture and turn it to be wholly-owned subsidiary.
●In 2010, the shearer and roadheader are trial-manufactured successfully. 
● In 2011, Shandong Mine Safety & Harm Avoidance Equipment Co., Ltd.was established. 
● In 2011, increased our ownership of shares and became the holding company of Chengdu Lituo Electronic Control Technology Co., Ltd.
● In 2011, Yulin Tianning Mining Service Co., Ltd.was established.
● In 2012, Changle Jieyuan Metal Surface Treatment Co., Ltd. was established.
● In 2013, increased our ownership of shares and became the holding companyof Shandong Xinchuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
● In 2014, increased our ownership of shares and became the holding company of Changle County Wutu Coal Mine Co., Ltd.
●In 2014, Beijing Zhongke Daizong Aviation Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
●In 2014, Shanghai Dragonlink Trading Investment Co., Ltd. was established.
●In 2015, Shandong Changkongyan aviation technology company was established.
●In 2015, The company held a grand celebration of its 60th anniversary.


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